Monday, October 09, 2006

Vatuvara on Sale 02 October 2006

Another privately owned island in Fiji is up for sale to international bidders.

The website, Luxury Real, reports that the island of Vatu Vara also known as "Hat Island" for its distinctive flat summit, is being sold for US$75 million.

The island which is 2 miles in diameter lies 60 kilometers south west of Vanua Balavu in the Lau group and is classified as freehold on the website.

The site also said that only a handful of freehold islands remain for sale in Fiji

The sale of privately owned islands in Fiji could be a major topic of discussion at the upcoming Lau Provincial Council meeting this week.

This comes after confirmation that the island of Vatu Vara or Hat Island is up for sale with a price tag of $75 million US dollars.

It has been confirmed that while the matter is not on the agenda, members of the Lau Provincial Council are likely to raise the issue as there have been some concerns about the sale of islands despite the fact that it is classified as freehold.

The meeting gets underway on Wednesday at the Fijian Teachers Association Hall.

Luxury Real reports that Vatu Vara island, 60 kilometres South West of Vanua Balavu is 2 miles in diameter and is one of the few freehold islands remaining in Fiji.

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The magnificent island of Vatu Vara is often referred to as “Hat Island” because of it’s unusual shape. The island is reputed by many to be the most beautiful in Fiji. It’s unique topography with limestone cliffs covered in dense tropical jungle and the flat summit is like a cross between Bora Bora and “The Lost World” of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. From the top of it jungle-clad 1,030 foot peak, to the bottom of it’s aquamarine lagoon this is 100% pure tropical paradise. All the cinematic clich├ęs about tropical islands are here for real; and to continue the theme you even get Mel Gibson as a neighbour. He owns Mago island just 30 kilometres to the east. The volcanic and limestone island is nearly 2 miles in diameter at its base, and it’s massive peak dominates the surrounding skyline and is visible from nearby islands such as Kaibu, Yacata, and Vanua Mbalavu. The limestone cliffs souring above the beaches, lending an aura of majesty that few islands in the Fiji in Fiji possess. The closest island in appearance is Monu Riki island in the Mamanucas which was the location for Tom Hank’s in “Cast Away”; but Vatu Vara dwarfs Monu Riki by comparison. It is hard resist hyperbole when describing the island, but the exquisite and cinematic topography of Vatu Vara has even attracted numerous geologists over the years. It is a former atoll, specifically called a “Guyot”. This is an extinct volcano that has become overgrown by coral reefs to form an atoll. The flat top was once at sea level, which is why the summit is flat. The topography of the island is more reminiscent of Krabi in Thailand, Langkawi in Malaysia or the Aru Islands in Irian Jaya. The island is surrounded by several beaches, nestled amidst the towering limestone cliffs, and shaded by graceful coconut palms, where one can lie on the sand as fine and white as castor sugar and gaze out at the sunsets over the massive lagoon which envelops the island in a turquoise embrace. From the beach the lagoon sh

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