Heritage Sites

Yacata is home to many wonderful sites that tells the story of its history of settlement and heritage. Natural rock formation and water holes also scatter various parts of the island. All these would provide a good basis for developing ecotourism and cultural homestay visits on Yacata. Some of these sites are displayed in photos below.  

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Remains of Tongan canoe & skeleton bones

Cau Musuka Yalo (tree whose branch gets broken by spirits when someone dies)

Savu mai Tagani (Waterfall at sea)

Vatu o Oso-a-saqa (Overhanging rock arch)

Qara ni voce nei Nau Mocea (Cave of an ancestral God)

Vatu ni Loka (Tidal wave rock)
Large waves and surfs results whenever this rock is beaten or banged. Nowadays also when surrounding grass and weed is cleared or cut.

Vatu Balavu kei Vatuloa (Huge rock housing an ancestral god with large collection of volcanic rock.

Wai mai Qaqaumi (Deep spring water used by ancestors)

Wai mai Saparia (Deep spring water used by ancestors)

Wai kai Waisoata (Deep spring water used by ancestors)