Saturday, December 05, 2009

Generator for Taveuni hospital - Saturday, December 05, 2009

TAVEUNI Hospital's constant problems with lighting and power will finally come to an end when the Ministry of Health delivers a generator next week.

Permanent Secretary Health Dr Sala Saketa received the generator from Nivis Motors at the Fiji Pharmaceutical Services in Jerusalem Road, Nabua yesterday.

Nivis Motors director Vidya Rattan Singh said they were from Taveuni and it was their way of giving back to the community.

Dr Saketa said Taveuni Hospital staff and patients had been struggling with power supply problems for the past few months and health care was being compromised.

She said the ministry had received many complaints from the hospital staff and members of the community on this issue.

She said the media had highlighted the fact that hospital staff had to use candles and kerosene lamps to treat the patients.

Deputy Director Public Health Dr Jo Koroivueta said Taveuni Hospital was getting only limited hours of power from the Public Works Department generator, which meant disruption to the use of lifesaving equipment, operating theatre equipment and patient examinations.

"This donation means that the staff will be able to have power on a 24-hour basis so patients don't miss out on care and treatment," he said.

Dr Koroivueta said the ministry had plans to install standby generators at all hospitals around the country so they would be able to provide constant medical care to the people.

He said the Taveuni Hospital had 30 staff members taking care of the island population plus tourists.

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