Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Iguana Find Causes Alarm

The news report below reminds me of what I also regularly experience each year growing up in my village as a kid. Come October and November each year, my village would eagerly anticipate the arrival of the delicacy sea worm called Balolo on the beach around my village. In fact the Fijian calendar includes the naming of the two months as months for the Balolo Lailai (month for small sea worms) and Baloloa Levu (month for large sea worms). I distinctly recall being woken by my mother to accompany the rest of the family, and join the rest of the village, with our small nets, pots and buckets as we wade out to the shallow waters to harvest the Balolo. The atmosphere surrounding the whole affair would be one of celebration, anticipation and concentration as we aim to harvest as much of the Balolo before the sun rises.
Following harvesting, the cooking of the delicacy begins in earnest and there are varied ways of accomplishing this task. My mother would either fry it, boil it with various herbs and my father and I would bake it in an underground earth oven called
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