Friday, October 09, 2009

Laisa Vulakoro - An FIT Music Fellow

New staff to boost institution -Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fiji Institute of Technology has recruited 16 new staff members in an attempt to boost academic activities.

Among those recruited are two Fellows in Music, Laisa Vulakoro and Seru Serevi.

FIT director Dr Ganesh Chand said: "We have our own music department but we want to move one step up the ladder and that is to set up a significant and lasting relationship with the industry," he said.

"The appointment of Seru and Laisa is a step in that direction and we hope to see over the coming years the involvement of these two with FIT on a full-time basis which would boost not only music education in Fiji but the entire industry."

Ms Vulakoro said they did not have the qualification but would use their 60 years of collective experience in the industry to prepare students for the competitive business.

"You can teach a student music theory and notation but you also need to prepare them for what they should expect when they step out into the real world," she said.

Professor Ram Karan has been recruited as the head of the accounting department. He has a PhD from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Other appointees include Dr Kunneth Ramakrishnan as the HOD for management and Professor Subramani as professor of literature.

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