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Sun Glass Billionaire Buys Kaibu and Vatuvara Islands in Nothern Fiji

James Jannard has recently bought Kaibu and Vatuvara islands, both close to Yacata island in northern Fiji. Kaibu is in fact in the lagoon of Yacata and is about 3km away. Both the fisheries of Vatuvara and Kaibu are owned by Yacata.

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James "Jim" Jannard is an American designer and businessman, and founder of eyewear and apparel company Oakley, Inc. and RED Digital Cinema. 

Jannard has great plans to develop Kaibu into a top level hotel resort. In so doing, there will be wonderful opportunities for the people of my village of Yacata to be employed on the island. This is already underway in discussions with the people of Yacata, especially in providing labour and resort workers, as well as in the supply of provisions. It is truly a blessing for the people and island of Yacata and follows on two earlier multi-millionaire owners of Kaibu - Mr Jay Johnson (American) and Hiro (Japanese). 

In 2009 Jannard was named one of the 100 Most Creative People by Fast Company Magazine.

Jannard sold Oakley in mid 2007 for over $2 billion and placed 316th in Forbes Magazine ranking of World's Billionaires in 2010, with a net worth of $3.0 billion. He is also the founder and principal backer of RED Digital Cinema, a manufacturer of high-resolution video cameras used in productions designed for cinema release. The company first showed a mock-up of their camera in April, 2006 at NAB 2006 and began shipping cameras on August 31, 2007.

Early life 
  • Jannard was born in 1949 and grew up in Alhambra, California. Jannard attended the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in Los Angeles, California until he dropped out in his 3rd year. He named the Oakley company after his dog, Oakley Anne, an English Setter. 
  • Jannard started Oakley in 1975 with $300. His first product was a handgrip he designed for motorcycles and BMX. In 1980 Jannard designed a goggle that was introduced to the market as the Oakley O/20 Goggle. In 1984 Jannard designed the first Oakley sunglass called the Oakley Eyeshade. Nine years later Oakley passed RayBan in worldwide sales. Oakley went public in 1995 with the ticker of OO on the NYSE. Jannard holds over 600 patents worldwide for his inventions. He was nicknamed "Madman" by Oakley employees in the 1980's. Jannard sold Oakley in 2007 for $2.2B making him one of the wealthiest people in the world. 
RED Digital 
  • In 2005 Jannard started RED Digital Cinema Camera Company. The company's first camera was the RED ONE and was supported by Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh. Movies that have been shot with this camera include Ché, The Informant, District 9, Knowing, Rabbit Hole, Gamer, Fair Game, and many others. Scheduled for release are cameras called EPIC and Scarlet. 
Personal life 
  • A keen photographer, he maintains a website of his own photographs.[4] Jannard shot all of Oakley's ads and commercials for the first 20 years of Oakley history. He used high-end Canon equipment, including a 1DS camera and one of few EF 1200 mm lenses in existence. He now uses only RED ONE cameras which he makes. Jannard is a camera collector and owns over 1000 cameras. His photographic subjects include race cars that are sponsored by Oakley and RED Digital, his dogs and his personal Bombardier Global Express Jet. 
  • He has owned four jets: a Falcon 20, a Falcon 50, and two Global Express. He is married and has four children. Jim lives on Spieden Island in the state of Washington and Kaibu and Vatuvara in Fiji. He currently has 11 grandchildren. 
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