Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Draft Yavusa Yacata Trust Deed

Nemani Tuifagalele has begun drafting a Deed of Trust for the Village of Yacata to provide the framework  over the activities to be undertaken by the people of Yacata.

Below is a summary of Nemani's proposal covering process and what is to be included in the Deed document. It is proposed that once drafted, it will be submitted for consideration by members of the Yavusa Yacata, at the Mataqali level, to gain the necessary mandate as stipulated in the various Fiji government laws and or regulations.
  • Yavusa Yacata Deed of Trust will be the umbrella Trust overseeing all affairs of the Yavusa.
  • The trustees of this Trust should be appointed and/or represented by at least 2 members of each existing Mataqali within the Yavusa.
  • Each Mataqali should have the prerogative of appointing their Mataqali representatives to be Trustees.
  • The newly appointed Yavusa Yacata Trustees then will have the mandate via the deed of trust to appoint Trust arms or committee/department to look after the various departments.
  • The arms or departments can include the following areas of interest:
       a. Investment/Development
       b. Education/Scholarship
       c. Religious
       d. Vanua issues
  • The consent of the members of the Yavusa living in the village, abroad and town & city centres is important and the minimum 60% members consent will be required in order to comply with NLC and TLTB & iTaukei Affairs requirements.
Some check criterion list:

a. Convenening of each Mataqali meeting (the first meeting should endorse the convening of other collateral pocket meetings;

b. Each meeting should be minuted and attendants should sign (name/signature/birth date)

c. A minute and signature template can be forwarded or otherwise, each mataqali can prepare their own & compile all minutes & signature paper before they forward the same across;

d. The exercise should be for 3 months & reviewed at late July 2012;

e. Meetings to conducted in the village/towns & cities/abroad – meetings can be via skype/chat blogs and does not necessarily mean in person meetings;

f. The final Mataqali appointed trustees’ names can be forwarded later for drafting of the final trust document;

Nemani can be contacted:
  • email:  nemtuff@gmail.com or tuifagalele@connect.com.fj 
  • mobile: (679) 9129382 or landline/fax: (679) 3398750 for any further enquiries or clarification on this matter.
We thank Nemani for taking the initiative on this and look forward to working with him to progress matters to completion for the betterment of the lives of our people in the Yavusa Yacata.

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