Friday, June 29, 2012

What Others Have Dreamt for Yacata in the Past is Within Reach

Yacata people today and those who have passed on have great plans for our island. Looking at those development plans developed over the years, it is clear that the dream remains the same. That is for Yacata and its people to develop their god given talents and resources to secure their future through social, cultural and economic development. A key plank of the plan is the formation of a commercial arm to engage in business for the benefit of the people of Yacata. In fact a company was duly registered some years back for that very purpose. It is towards the same direction that current efforts are being focussed and the current committee has begun this very important task in partnership with the management of Kaibu Island Resort.
It is no doubt something those who have led Yacata development leadership in past years have always dreamt of. With a partnership with Kaibu now in place it is well within reach once we can all come together. In line with that, it is for us to consider the set up of the following:

1. Yacata Island Trust with membership made up of all Yacata in Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB) Members are the beneficiaries as in Nemani's proposed trust.

2. Yacata Development Holdings Limited (commercial arm to partner with Kaibu for development etc..) Yacata Trust to be major shareholder plus individual share holdings available.

Interestingly, Vanua Balavu is also on to it with Qarase's leadership.

Watch the You Tube video below on Vanua Balavu's progress:

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